Make An Impact On Your Community

Donors are Housing Assistance supporters, partners, volunteers and ambassadors in the community. They embrace the mission of providing safe and affordable housing for individuals and families with limited income. Thank you for supporting our work to assist affordable housing in Hendersonville, NC!

Make A Donation

Other ways to support affordable housing in your community: 

  • Event Sponsor: Consider sponsoring a fundraiser to get your business or organization involved and directly impact affordable housing. 
  • In-Kind and Mission Generated Donations: Homes, land, professional services, trees, building materials, event space, and food for a fundraiser have all been donated for Housing Assistance properties for various occasions.
  • Designated Endowment: Make a gift that is deposited in an investment account and the interest is used for an identified purpose. Endowments last forever and touch many lives.
  • Corporate Partner: Have a business that believes that every human being deserves the opportunity to have a decent home? Housing Assistance will be your community partner.
  • Legacy Gift: A planned estate is a once in a lifetime chance to assure that your passion for helping those in need of affordable housing will be honored and remembered.

In all my years of community work, the 25 I’ve spent with Housing Assistance have been the most satisfying. We have done many great things over the years, but I believe some of our best projects are our most current.
— Bill Stricker, donor and organizational founder

Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to Housing Assistance that will allow our community to live safe and affordably. Our missions success depends on community members like you. Please also consider giving your time, service, in-kind donation, or monetary donation. You may make a donation directly on this page, mail us a donation, or come visit us in person. If you would like to make an in-kind donation and need assistance getting it to our office, please contact us. 

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In Kind Donation Suggestions:



Allure Flooring

Power Drill






Gift Cards to Hardware Stores